Apr 152011

Vaginas can prolapse, but what does that mean? Vaginal prolapse happen when part of the vagina is either squished by other organs or protrudes from the vaginal opening. Most of the time it happens to women who have given birth, do heavy lifting, or have chronic constipation. Up to half of women can be affected over their lifetimes. More general information about vaginal prolapse, including treatment options, available here.

Vaginal prolapse can also happen in transsexuals. A new study surveyed 55 transsexuals (52 transwomen and 3 transmen) and found that four of them had vaginal prolapse; two needed surgery. That is about 7.2% – so transsexuals had fewer prolapses. Even so, transwomen and transmen need to be aware that both vaginas and neovaginas (warning: link contains graphic images) can prolapse.

You can see a review of the research here, and the original article here.