Apr 052016


Open Minded Health is temporarily going to a biweekly post schedule. That is, posts will go from once a week to once every two weeks.

This is for a few reasons. My second year of medical school is coming to an end. I begin prepping for the first, and biggest, of the board exams next week. And I’ll be going into my clinical years in June. The clinical year is one of the busiest years in medical education, only surpassed by residency (the “internship” of medicine).

Going to a biweekly update schedule means updates can still come at regular intervals. I will do my best to make the posts more in depth so the wait is worth it.

I’m also working on a full update to Trans 101. I’ll let you all know when that’s done.

Thank you for continuing to read Open Minded Health!


Jan 022013

First, Do No Harm: Reducing Disparities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Populations in California (PDF) has been published! It is a report I did some data analysis for, and it aims to “seek community-defined solutions for reducing LGBTQ mental health disparities across the state of California.” If you have the time, and I hope you do, take a look! 🙂

Mar 272011

Unicorn Chaser

In the tradition of that excellent blog, Boing Boing, we present a Unicorn Chaser. That last post was a bit rough, and we’ve lost a few subscribers as a result.

We’d like to remind you that this is Open Minded Health. You may see things that are disturbing, but it will be about health, and you might be better off for knowing it.

Thanks for sticking around!