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A little late, but here’s some GSM health news from February 2014!

CC BY 2.0 - UCL Mathematical and Physical SciencesTransgender

  • A literature review found that “There is a notable lack of published research regarding hormone therapy in the transgender population” and came to the very reasonable conclusion that “Although there is currently considerable focus on sexually transmitted infections in the MTF transgender population, a more comprehensive approach to health care is required, including education for transgender people and the health professionals who attend to them regarding appropriate hormone therapy.” Ayup.  Source.
  • A study found that European pre-transition trans people, both men and women, were likely to have androphilic (attracted to men) partners. I admit I’m a bit baffled by the abstract on this paper – what about bisexuals? If anyone could find and grab a copy of the full paper I’d be grateful. Source.
  • For binary-identified trans people, connection to a trans community appears to be correlated with less suicidality, lower feelings of fearfulness and higher feelings of comfort. No effect was detected for non-binary identified trans people in this study. Source.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual

  • The greater the anti-gay sentiment, the less long the non-heterosexuals in a community seem to live. Source.
  • Gay youths are more likely than straight youths to have factors which increase their cancer risks, such as: low rates of exercise, smoking tobacco, and drinking alcohol at a young age. Source.
  • A study found that mood and safe sex behaviors were correlated for gay men in New York – the more depressed they were, the less likely they were to use safe sex techniques. Source.
  • Gay and bisexual male adolescents are more likely to use anabolic steroids than their heterosexual peers. Source.


  • Two studies indicate that BDSM activities are associated with changes of consciousness. But why didn’t the researchers compare their results with other intense activities? Source.
  • A case report of a rectovaginal fistula showed up in my feeds this month. In this case it was in a cis woman. A fistula is a hole – in this case, it was a hole between her vagina and rectum, and was caused by penile intercourse. It’s fairly rare, but can and does happen. In the case, the woman was lucky enough that some stitches were all she needed. She fully recovered and was able to resume vaginal intercourse. Source.
  • Just like cis men, cis women can also experience priapism: prolonged, unwanted erection. A case study of a cis woman with painful priapism lasting 5 days showed up in the emergency room and was reported as a case study. Surprisingly enough, she was successfully treated with pseudoephedrine – aka SudaFed. Go figure. Source.

As always…  Stay healthy, stay safe, and have fun!

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