Feb 012014

CC BY 2.0 - Mauro CatebJanuary was a fairly quiet month for gender and sexual minority health news. Naturally there was also a lot of political news, but that’s not our focus here. A¬†few interesting tidbits include…

  • A new analysis of transgender suicide data was released by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and The Williams Institute. No new data in this report, but it’s broken down differently. Suicide attempt rates were as high as 56% in some demographic subgroups, with higher rates among the poor, racial minorities, unemployed, and young. Suicide rates were also higher among those who had hormone therapy alone than for those who had had surgery. Read the report for yourself!
  • A study examined the use of color-coded wristbands at sex parties for men who have sex with men. Like a smaller version of the hanky code, the wristbands indicated top/bottom status, HIV status, and condom preferences. Most men were neutral or positive about the use of wristbands…the exception being wristband identification of HIV status, where there was fear of prejudice. Source.
  • A Spanish study finds that socioeconomic status is positively correlated with sexual satisfaction. Source.
  • Trans men are 10 times more likely to have an inadequate pap test than cis women. Testosterone use is one possible explanation – it does cause changes in the cervical cells and pathologists do need to be informed that the person in question is using T. Discomfort with exam itself may also be a factor. Insurance coverage for paps may (IMO) be yet another. No matter the barriers though, cervical cancer screenings for all who have cervixes are very very important. Please, get your bits checked! Source.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

Instead of flowers this year we’re doing gemstones! Because… why not? Even the New England Journal of Medicine breaks up its walls o’ text with pretty non-medical pictures, why not us?

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