Dec 042013

November news - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 - flickr user dtanis

It’s the beginning of a new month. You all know what that means – news roundup time!

Here are some interesting news articles from the last month:

  • An Australian study found that men who had sex with men don’t take erectile dysfunction medications in order to take risks. Rather, they take the medications in order to heighten pleasure. Source.
  • Unprotected sex between men appears to be on the rise in the United States. Please, be safe out there. Get tested, ask your partner(s) to get tested, and use protection when appropriate. Source.
  • A genetic difference was found between transgender men and cisgender women in a recent study. Trans men had more repeats of a gene that controls one type of estrogen receptor. Source.
  • A study found that trans men on testosterone undecanoate show signs of impaired mitochondria in their leukocytes. This was an oddly specific study. Whether this effect on leukocytes has any health effects was not specified. Source.
  • Ethical recommendations for vaginoplasties on minors were released. I’ll be grabbing a copy soon and will report on them. Source.
  • There are still too many pap smears being done. People over the age of 65 with no history of cervical or other reproductive cancer do not generally benefit from pap smears. Nor do people who have had hysterectomies (including removal of the cervix). Current cervical cancer screening guidelines are here, and applies to anybody who has a cervix, not just women! Source.
  • Only 15% of surveyed primary care providers reported regularly asking their patients about sexual dysfunction. When they did ask, most asked because of diabetes, use of a medication with known sexual side effects, and for reproductive reasons. 3/4th of the responders did not regularly check relevant guidelines, partially due to lack of time and difficulty of access. Source.
  • Men who felt they didn’t have enough privacy during sex had more sexual dysfunctions, including difficulty maintaining an erection. Source.

Lastly, Frederick Sanger died this month. Dr. Sanger’s research was key to understanding the structure of insulin, RNA and DNA. He was one of the few scientists who earned two Nobel prizes. His work will not be forgotten.

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