Oct 012013

CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 - flickr user tireboushtroumpfTime to summarize the September news!

General news:

  • Children of same-sex parents were found to be 39-45% less likely to have insurance than children of opposite-sex parents. The difference is less in states with civil unions, domestic partnerships or marriage. Source.
  • A new study found that estrogen is required for male sexual functioning. So much for the idea of estrogen as a “female” hormone and testosterone as a “male” hormone… Source.
  • A study found that men who have sex with men have sex as often as men who only have sex with women. Frequent sex was correlated with being younger, having a shorter relationship and having a primary partner. Less frequent sex was correlated with being of African descent/Black and identifying as heterosexual or bisexual. Source.
  • A study came out from Australia looking at resilience among LGBT youth. They found that though LGBT youth experienced more discrimination and suicide attempts as a result of discrimination, they were much more likely to respond to discrimination with activism activities than their heterosexual/cisgender peers. Source.

Transgender/transsexual specific news:

  • A review found that the risk of breast cancer is not elevated for trans people. Read more hereSource.
  • A study of 24 people found that 95% of them were satisfied with a suprapubic phalloplasty, when they were able to choose their type of phalloplasty. Source.
  • Toys R Us is beginning to de-gender their stores… at least in the UK. A great gift for trans and gender non-conforming kids. Source.
  • A group called Feminists Fighting Transphobia released a statement in support of trans-inclusive feminism. If you agree with their statement, please sign it! Source.

New resources I discovered this month:

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