Sep 162013

This post is a legacy page, and was part of an on-going series, Trans 101 for Trans People. It covers questions about medical transition, hormones, surgeries, or seeking health care for transgender people.

For the material that once lived on this page, please see this page.

Please update your links to the full Trans 101.

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  8 Responses to “Transgender Q&A – Hormone Therapy for Trans Men”

  1. what are the best female hormones for a trangender person to take id like to know before I buy them

    • Female hormones are prescription only in the United States.

      A typical prescription includes an estrogen (in the US, typically oral 17ß-estradiol or Estrace) and an anti-androgen (typically spironolactone). You’ll find more information on common prescriptions on the Q&A for trans women.

  2. I am a Femme 4 years on Estradiol. I am kind of happy all to Fat. Yes I want to become Fat, Fat is
    feminine & for me to feel as Womanish as can be, I must have a certain amount of fat on my body. Now I ask of you, what can I take to become plump and kind of full figured. tell me please

  3. what are the best female hormone pills for a trangender person to take to grow breasts like a woman

  4. am planing to start taking my femme hormone am age 35 south african but we dont have resources please help for online ordering

    • I’m very sorry, but I can’t help you with online ordering. Have you contacted the folks at Gender DynamiX for assistance?

  5. Hi im 27 from South Africa im taking premarin 1, 25 can they help me to develop breasts ? Thanks

  6. How long to it see any changes to me i taking progynova 2m for three mouths what should I see in my body by now

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