Sep 052013
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Some doctors are pretty cool.

This post is a legacy page, and was part of an on-going series, Trans 101 for Trans People. It covers questions about medical transition, hormones, surgeries, or seeking health care for transgender people.

For the material that once lived on this page, please see this page.

Please update your links to the full Trans 101.

  3 Responses to “Transgender Q&A – Medical Transition Basics”

  1. […] For more information, check out the protocols I listed in Part 3. […]

  2. In 2009 I went to the doctors to start on hormones and everything was fine, I got the go ahead to start in hormones but then the problem came that I have a high red blood count and the doctor did not want to start me on hormones, I am a smoker and I’m still waiting to start on hormones. What do I do if they don’t want to put me on hormones where can I go, us there any saver way to start hormone therapy in my situation seeing that I have a high red blood count? Is there any other options they can use? Is there a special diet I can use? I know I should stop smoking, but is there any other way? Please help me I’m 25 years old, and I live in south Africa, I really do need help and advice.

    Thanks for reading hope to hear from you soon…


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