Sep 012013

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 flickr user theboybgTime for this past month’s news!

  • British youth who are LGB are twice as likely to smoke tobacco as their straight peers. LGB youth were also found to be more likely to drink alcohol excessively. Source.
  • California’s ban on gay reparative therapy was upheld in federal court. Source.
  • Transgender people serve in the military at double the rate of cisgender people. Source.
  • A meta-analysis took a look at quality of life and other factors for natal men with micropenis who were raised male. They found that a) male gender assignment was appropriate for chromosomal males born with micropenis, b) micropenis can significantly affect quality of life, and c) phalloplasty is the only treatment with a guarantee of a larger penis, and the techniques for that phalloplasty can be derived from phalloplasties done for trans men. Source.
  • A study found that 45% of women and 55% of men living in retirement communities were sexually active. Factors involved in their sexual activity included physical exercise, general health, and social involvement. Source.
  • On Nov 1st, Germany will put into a place a third gender marker for infants whose sex cannot be determined at birth. This affects intersex infants but will not have any effect on transgender folk in Germany. Source.
  • Hepatitis C is not diagnosed in the Baby Boomer generation (born 1945-1965) early enough. Source.
  • A meta-analysis concluded that male circumcision had no effect on sexual functioning. Source.
  • US same-sex military spouses will soon get benefits, including health care. Source.

Neat blog posts and other interesting things this month:

  • Andrea James did a post talking about Manning’s coming out.
  • case report of a gentleman who ended up in the ER with a fork in his urethra (link includes X-ray and photos, so NSFW). Forks are probably not the ideal thing to be using for urethral sounding… especially when real sounding kits are available even through Amazon.
  • The Guardian reported on Clitoraid, a Raëlian group dedicated to helping circumcised or genitally mutilated women have surgery to not just ease their pain but regain sexual function. Dr Marci Bowers, who also performs vaginoplasties and metoidioplasties for trans folk, is one of the surgeons involved. Source.

And for an upbeat story this month: Burglars returned stolen equipment to a sexual assault center survivor center once they realized what the center was (Source).

Stay healthy, stay safe, and have fun!

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