Jul 052011

A new study looking at transsexual health just came out. This one looked at the well-being and sexual health of transmen after sex reassignment surgery ( SRS – phalloplasty in this case). Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the full article so I can’t go into too much detail.

The study was conducted in the Netherlands, with 49 transmen. Most of the men had had phalloplasty on average eight years before the study and reported an increase in sexual activity after transition/surgery. They report that they can have orgasms, and that the quality of their orgasms has changed as a result of transition. Despite high rates of surgical complications, most were happy with the results of their sexual reassignment surgeries. They were also generally happy people.

These things may seem like, “Well… duh.” But this is the first study I’ve seen that confirms that “common sense” idea. I’m glad to see it. What do you think?

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