Mar 252011

There is a report that a man was sentenced to two years in prison for breaking a restraining order. He was found naked in someone else’s farm, covered in cow manure, masturbating. This is apparently the third time he’s been caught trespassing. I read this article and thought, “Hmmm this is a good opportunity to talk about scat play!”.

Unlike urine, feces is not sterile at all. The colon (aka: the large intestine) is filled with lots of bacteria – mostly good ones. The feces that passes through the colon is, naturally, full of bacteria. These bacteria, while they may do good in the colon, are definitely not good to have elsewhere in the body. They can cause infection, like vaginal or urinary tract infections. If you have parasites or a virus, you’ll find them in feces too.

So how can a person play with feces safely? By:

  • using barriers like condoms, dental dams, and gloves to avoid contact with the feces. This is especially important for mucous membranes that are part of the vagina, penis, mouth, nose, and eyes. Skin, even when it looks healthy, can have microscopic cuts and tears. Barriers are safer than bare intact skin, which is safer than skin with cuts or tears. Breaks in the skin provide a way for ickies to get in!
  • only doing fecal play when physically well and the source of the feces is healthy and well, and especially avoiding times when having diarrhea.
  • not ingesting feces because of the possibility of disease.
  • not doing fecal play while pregnant or immunocompromised.

Non-human feces can carry different and harmful diseases. For example, cats can carry Toxoplasma gondii. It’s the bug that causes toxoplasmosis, which can be deadly in people with compromised immune systems.

Fecal play needs to be discussed with your physician. In case of illness, that physician needs to know what exposures you’ve had in order to make the best diagnosis. If your physician doesn’t know that you are exposed to feces, then s/he may miss something vital and misdiagnose you! (assuming you are sick)

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